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GumDrop Pacifiers

It's important to pick the right pacifier for the new arrival, and that's why we only carry the best! These GumDrop Pacifiers are the ones used in hospitals-the GumDrops sold in the big retail stores are NOT the same. These type of GumDrop Pacifiers are the ONLY GumDrop Used in Hospitals & Made in the USA! We can attest that babies love them - our own son Will got a GumDrop at the hospital and he still loves and uses his! Still have questions? See our GumDrop FAQ below.

GumDrop Pacifier FAQ
Q What materials are GumDrop pacifiers made of? GumDrops Pacifiers are made of a plastic inner guard, over-molded with medical grade silicone. GumDrops are phthalate-free, latex-free and BPA-free.

Q What safety requirements does the GumDrop pacifier meet? Pacifiers are regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, an agency of the U.S. government.  GumDrop passes the required safety tests (Consumer Product Safety Commission Part 1511).

NOTE: NEVER attach anything to or block the holes in the rim of a pacifier. If your baby swallows a pacifier, the holes ensure your baby could breathe until you get medical help.

Q Can GumDrop be used by breastfeeding babies? GumDrop has a natural nipple shape that helps avoid “nipple confusion.”  Our own son Will both breastfed and used a GumDrop Pacifier and experienced no confusion whatsoever. The American Academy of Pediatrics published guidelines in November 2005 recommending pacifier use for all babies over 3 months of age to help reduce the incidence of SIDS.

Q How many GumDrops do I need? Babies become accustomed to a pacifier and often refuse to switch to a different brand. We suggest you keep a few on hand in case some get lost.
Q What if my baby is teething or has teeth and is using the GumDrop? We strongly recommend you check the pacifier frequently for signs of wear due to chewing. If there are any tears, especially in the nipple, discard the pacifier and discontinue use, or use a new pacifier.
Q If a baby puts her upper lip over the top – does it mean GumDrop is too small? This does not mean the pacifier is too small.  It is very common with GumDrop because of the low profile.  The babies do this for comfort.
Q When should a baby stop using GumDrop? If your baby becomes big enough to fit the GumDrop all the way into the mouth, we recommend you stop using it.
Q What is the best way to clean GumDrop pacifiers? Wash regularly in hot water with mild detergent; rinse thoroughly before giving to baby. To sanitize, place in boiling water for two minutes. Let it cool before giving to baby. Some parents put GumDrops in the dishwasher or use a home sterilizer. All these methods are safe.


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